Structural Steel Fabrication and Installations

We have the experience and expertise for interstitial, seismic, equipment platforms, and new commercial construction. Steel erection in tough environments requires job specific preplanning and scheduling, so our people are committed to completing all projects without impacting production. Some of our project experience includes 4,000 ton microprocessor fabs, urban high rises, building retrofits and simple column replacements.
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Seismic Improvements

Improving seismic design without impacting facilities is critical to project success. We are able to schedule our work to accommodate the owner’s needs.

Platforms, Catwalks and Fall Protection

Access to areas is essential in maintaining operation and assure facilities are operating efficiently. We have the capability to design, fabricate and install your access apparatus.

Precast Installation

Design, weight, schedule, pre-construction, and connection details can impact budgets if not considered ahead of time. Alliance will assist our customers to assure they get their work completed without impacting budgetary concerns.

Clean Room Service

Contamination and impact to the fab can be very expensive. The risk of impact is very high. That is why Alliance is preferred by its customers to enter those environments. We know the logistics completely, from pre-planning to exit, without impact.

Sustaining and Maintenance Support Services

Our top priority is to keep our customers in production. Our teams are totally dedicated to this essential need and we are trained to react immediately.

Pre-construction Services

Project budgets, schedules and planning are critical to the success of any project. We have the best people and systems in place to give our customers real time information in these areas. This assures that our customers receive the best product for the lowest cost. Equipment Installations and Retrofits We’re experts in the correct installation, retrofit and commissioning of process equipment on time and within budget. Our experienced team can handle extremely tight tolerances and fast track installations with ease. We won’t be satisfied until you are back in production.

Design/Build Design/Assist

We have the flexibility to offer single point responsibility to merge design and construction to minimize risks, reduce the project delivery schedule or simply to work with your existing architect or engineer.