“AIG is particularly well suited for work in and around operating facilities requiring a high degree of coordination and safety hazard awareness”

Cliff McDonald
Project Manager
Hoffman Construction of America


There is nothing more important to Alliance Industrial Group than the safety of our employees. From a welder on the shop floor to the iron worker 20 stories up, we have well-defined policies and procedures in place to ensure a safe work environment. Training and education are the key, with a thorough safety orientation for new employees, periodic safety meetings and continual assessment of equipment, job sites and input from employees and management.

We take safety so seriously, we received the 2022 AISC Best in Industry for Safety Performance.


  • Daily Flex and Stretch: proven to reduce injuries both in the field and in shop environments
  • 100% Fall Protection
  • Drug and Alcohol-free workplace
  • Site specific safety plan prior to each project start